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Safe House provide services related to construction by using the best brands like Sika and Saint Gobain india Gypsum.
Safe house provides following services basically:
Solution for Construction Chemical
1. Waterproofing:
Safe House is committed to proven and economic water-tight solutions for even the most challenging requirements. We use the products of Brand Sika, the world's leading waterproofing company has been producing innovative and high quality waterproofing products.
Waterproofing technologies include:
  • Water Proofing with polymers and fibrenet.
  • App membranes. 
  • High-quality flexible PVC and FPO membranes with unique compartment system
  • Polyurea, polyurethane and epoxy coatings
  • Complete injection systems
  • Mortars and renderings and more.
In your project safe house supports you with unique services:
  • Wide range of tailor-made guarantee concepts
  • Analysis of leaks in existing structures
  • Concepts, specifications and detailing
  • Site specific solutions, application training and on-site support
  • Proven quality control systems
2. Grouting:
Grouting mortars are free-flowing, high-strength cement- or synthetic resin-based mortars, used for filling of voids under machines and other structural elements as well as for the grouting of anchors. Safe house can provide all technologies of grouting materials for specific applications on job site.
3. Structural Strengthening:
Efficient strengthening of concrete structures can be applied by using fibre reinforced polymer (FRP), which are available in prefabricated plates, fabrics as well as post-tensioned systems. Sika provide a full range of strengthening systems consist of different type of materials which can be used for flexural, shear and axial strengthening as well as for increasing seismic resistance of structures.
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy flooring and epoxy coating, polyurethane flooring / coating are used to on floor and wall surface. It gives higher abrasion resistant to surface. It is very easy to clean and wash.
Application Areas:-

  • Automobile Industries
  • Electronic Industries
  • Automobile Show room & Workshops
  • Pharmaceuticals Industries
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Health Care Center
  • Chemicals Industries
  • Fertilizer Industries
  • I.T Industries
  • Engineering Industries

  • Provides Cleaner, healthier, more pleasant place for your employees to work in.
  • Protects your concrete from wear, making it last longer
  • Controls concrete dusting
  • Protects the substrate from chemical and physical degradation
  • Cuts down on amount of lighting needed in plant.
  • Make your plant more appealing to your potential customers.
  • Helps keep your finished parts clean before shiping
  • Define certain areas, or designate the presence of hazards.
  • Reduce the maintenance and cleaning costs.
  • Uplift in Aesthetics.
  • Easy wash ability
Interior Wall Finishes Gypsum Plaster
Selecting the right material and methodology to finish internal wall surfaces is the key towards achieving the best desired finish and performance. Saint-Gobain Gyproc gives you such a choice. The options available for internal plastering are:

a) Conventional sand cement plaster
b) POP
c) Gypsum Plaster
Comparison Against Various Attributes:
Line &
Sand cement Plaster
POP Does not
Gypsum Plaster Does not
Do not
Performance Drivers of Gypsum Plaster:-

  • Direct Application: Single coat application directly on brick, block & concrete walls
  • Crack Free: Free of shrinkage cracks
  • No Curing: Requires no water curing
  • Light Weight: Density being less, weight of finished product is much lighter
  • High Productivity: Additives impart high coverage resulting in more work in less time and low wastage
  • Time Saving: Results in substantial time saving as compared to conventional plastering methods
  • Ready to use: Easy to apply imparting better cohesiveness and adhesion
  • Fire Protection: They are non-combustible when tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 4: 1970
  • Low Thermal conductivity: Gypsum's inherent nature helps in energy conservation
  • Thermal resistance: R = 0.07 m²K/W at 13mm thickness
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